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How to be an Expert Mascot Maker

What goes into becoming an expert Mascot Maker? Promo Bears is proud to serve a variety of clients and create mascot for every need and event. How do you create a custom mascot? Here are just some of the things we consider in the process, and what you can expect from any expert in [...]

How to be an Expert Mascot Maker2019-12-12T11:56:22+00:00

Custom Inflatables – Make them fit for your event

Custom Inflatables - blow it up BIG! What are custom inflatables used for? The answer is anything you like! Custom inflatables by Promo Bears are a great way to make a GIANT impact. Trade shows, sporting events, advertisements and more. Created in a variety of shapes and sizes. and custom printed in full color [...]

Custom Inflatables – Make them fit for your event2019-12-12T12:03:51+00:00

Couple Mascots Why 1+1=3?

Why having both a male and female mascot makes sense Your Fans Aren’t Only Men Every organizations aim to maximize its global outreach, whether it is a sport team, corporate, school, or agency. To reach the widest possible spectrum of audiences, it is crucial that your organization includes all its actual and [...]

Couple Mascots Why 1+1=3?2017-12-01T10:56:38+00:00

Why You Should Buy a Mascot Costume!

Why You Should Buy a Mascot Costume!     You want your company to stand out, you want to increase customer interaction, you want your business to make a statement! But how do you achieve that? When you see Mickey Mouse, you think of Disneyland. When you think of a pink rabbit with a [...]

Why You Should Buy a Mascot Costume!2019-12-06T13:20:52+00:00