Making Your Mascot Logo into a Costume

Making Your Mascot Logo into a Costume The secret to success lies in your brand Let’s pretend you are thinking about creating a new mascot for your organization. You would like to have something that reflects the identity of your branding and that enhances its awareness in people’ minds. And what’s the best way [...]

How To Clean Mascot Costumes

How To Clean Mascot Costumes Why are Clean Mascot Costumes Important? Taking good care of your mascot costumes has three key advantages. First, it increases the lifetime of your costume. Second, a clean and well maintained mascot has a positive effect on your audience. Finally, the wearer will appreciate a clean costume and perform [...]

Inflatables: Frequently Asked Questions

Inflatables: Frequently Asked Questions Have you read our articles Inflatable mascots - pump up your brand! or Reach for the sky with a Giant Inflatable! but you still have questions regarding our inflatables? No worries: on this blog, we have gathered the most common questions. 1.       Do I need a design to start? If [...]

Our Top 3 Animal Mascot Costumes

Our Top 3 Animal Mascot Costumes With a custom animal mascot at Promo Bears, we make sure everything is custom to your mascot. Whether your mascot is a dog or a phoenix, our expert designers and mascot makers will bring your vision to life. But maybe you don’t have a mascot yet. With a [...]

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