Custom Squishies – Reference Project BI Worldwide

The purpose of this reference project is to guide you through the process of creating custom squishies. We explain step by step how our team produced custom shaped lightbulb stress balls for BI Worldwide.

Initial Request

BI Worldwide contacted our team to create some custom squishies for their upcoming event. They provided us with relevant information such as; their event deadline, a rough design idea of what they wanted their lightbulb squishy to look like, and their company logo to incorporate onto the squishies.

Custom Squishies Design

Our design team was able to translate the client’s preferences into a concept illustration for their custom squishies. The design was passed onto the client for feedback until they were completely satisfied with the result. After making a few tweaks to the design, the custom squishies artwork was ready to be brought to life in the production phase.


Based on final design approval from the client, the custom squishies prototype development was ready to launch! Once our production team had completed the sample, BI Worldwide received images of the clay mould and final prototype for approval before beginning the mass production of their custom squishies.

Custom Squishies - clay mold prototyping Custom Squishies - Sample Pictures

Feeling Inspired?

If you’re looking for a unique giveaway or corporate gift idea, custom squishies are the perfect place to start! Our team is ready to help add that extra touch (or squeeze) to your next event. Request a free quote today for your custom squishies!

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Custom Squishy Lighbulbs at BI Worldwide event

Custom squishies lightbulb

Video: Custom Squishies – Slow rising custom made stress balls