Designer Spotlight – Wendy

Every mascot starts with a design. At Promo Bears we could not do what we do best without our talented design team. In this blog post, we’ll learn more about one of our designers, Wendy. She shares some of her history and top tips for mascot design.

Mascot of Wendy

When did you start drawing?

At a very young age. I believe I have a drawing in a photo album somewhere, which I made when I was about three years old. And I think I’ve been drawing ever since. I was always the one who was doodling during class.

What did you find most difficult about mascot design at the start?

Making the feet/shoes.

How would you describe your mascot character style, and what influences it?

Cute but original? I’ve always loved drawing animals, and anime characters. I sometimes enjoy mimicking other designers’ styles as well, just to see how it feels/looks.

How do you make sure the person inside can see?

Make sure the mouth is big enough. Or make sure there is a viewing window on the mascot if the mouth is closed or too low/high.

What is one of your favorite mascots that you have made at Promo Bears?

My favorite is a small elephant I’ve recently made for a kids learning center business. After making an initial design they immediately asked for a mascot, plush figure and several types of merchandise. When client is asking for that many items after just one design, that’s always a good sign.

How do you make your mascot characters look alive?

The eyes are a key part. As well as the body. Don’t make the figure stand too straight, or too still. Make it playful, as if he or she is dancing.

What is the #1 mistake to avoid when designing a mascot?

A lot of people forget that a mascot is often taller than the average human. Which means the eyes should usually point down a little, so it looks as if the mascot is looking right at you. If you make them look straight ahead, the mascot will look as if it’s looking over the people. Even worse, when the mascot is used around small kids. The mascot will look like he’s just staring off in the distance, which is not something you want.

If you were a mascot, what type would you be? 

If I were a mascot? Hm… I guess I’d be the mascot version of me! If it was an animal… I think I’d like to be a fox 🙂

Portfolio – Wendy

Check out some of Wendy’s work at Promo Bears. Is she the right designer for you? Get in touch with your request here.