Mascots in Recreation and Amusement Parks

Mascots in the recreation and amusement sectors are extremely popular and it is not hard to see why. Children love mascots and they are ultimately the ones who decide which theme park, campsite, or other recreation area the family goes to. For these businesses and organizations, it is therefore important to focus on the bond you build with your younger guests. Below we have identified a list six benefits of mascots in recreation and amusement sectors.

Custom Mascot - North Carolina - NC State Fair - Casey Cardinal

Our work for Casey Cardinal of the North Carolina State Fair. 

A mascot ensures returning visitors

A mascot ensures more returning audiences, especially families. Kids love mascots and parents love anything their kids love. It is that simple. Think of Disneyland. Every child wants to have their picture taken with Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, and they will be taking along their parents and maybe even a brother or sister too to do so. With your personal mascot you can connect with the kids just like Walt Disney. And with that you can achieve a big advantage over your competitor. Because what does a child who has bonded with your mascot want? To see it again as soon as possible.

A mascot attracts new visitors

In addition to returning visitors, you can also generate more new visitors with your mascot. A satisfied child who has enjoyed going to your park is a guarantee for great word of mouth recommendations. In the schoolyard your young guests like nothing more than to talk about how cool they thought your park was. And then of course the rest of the class does not want to be left behind. In this way, you can create a real snowball effect through one satisfied guest. In addition, by using your mascot in your online and offline advertising, you can make children enthusiastic about meeting your mascot and therefore get them excited to visit your park.

A mascot increases sales

The two points above have an impact on turnover increase, but in addition, the purchase of a mascot will also give your merchandise a boost. A child who has just established a bond with your mascot wants nothing more than to take home your cuddle-sized mascot. If you sell plush toys from your own mascot, it will be a huge boost for your sales. Your mascot graphic can also be printed on other items such as shirts, cups, or posters.

A mascot gives your organization a face

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse, or Chuck E. Cheese at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are just two well-known mascots that are immediately associated with their brand and business. More and more campsites, amusement parks, water parks and other organizations are using a mascot to increase recognition and build a bond with their visitors. With your mascot you will always remain “top of mind” of your visitors, with a clear figurehead that evokes many positive associations. Your personal mascot can greet guests at the entrance or do photo sessions as a memento for later. Consider as well using your mascot in internal affairs, and create a fun and friendly atmosphere within your staff whic is centered on your mascot.

A mascot provides a lot of impact for a low investment

By now it will have become clear that a mascot is of absolute added value for your company. Yet creating your own mascot is a relatively low investment. Compared to purchasing a new playground, hiring an animation team, or building a roller coaster, for example, a mascot is relatively cheap, with impact that outweighs the investment many times over.

A mascot adds character to your communication

You can use your unique mascot in all forms of communication. The mascot can welcome and guide your website visitors in their online visit, or it can spice up your company letterhead and receipts, making it more personal for the customer. In addition, your mascot is extremely suitable for themed communication, dressing up for the holidays or promoting your new attraction or event.

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