Accessories for Mascot costumes

Extra hands & shoes, cooling vests, carrying bags & mascot stands

You can increase your mascot’s lifespan, comfort and value by choosing some of our accessories. These accessories are made to ensure the utmost comfort for your performer and to make your mascot experience hassle-free.

Extra hands & shoes

Enhance your mascot’s longevity and readiness with an additional set of hands and shoes. Crafted to perfection, these accessories ensure your performer’s consistent captivating appeal. By investing in these essential add-ons, you guarantee performer safety, provide unparalleled comfort, and extend your mascot’s overall lifespan.

Cooling vest

Experience optimal performance with our revolutionary cooling vest. As temperatures rise, your performer’s comfort remains paramount. Our top-tier cooling vest is an absolute game-changer, ensuring peak performance during warmer seasons. Your mascot will shine as they stay cool, confident, and ready to create unforgettable memories.

Mascot carrying bag

Discover an array of innovative transport options to redefine your mascot’s mobility. Exceptional mascot costumes, known for their superior quality and size, can now experience effortless transportation with our premium carrying bags. While moving these remarkable costumes has never been a challenge, our carrying bags provide a seamless and convenient solution, ensuring a smooth and stylish journey for your beloved mascot.

Mascot stand

Why keep your captivating mascot hidden away when you can make a statement? Our sleek and stylish mascot stand lets you showcase your enchanting character in your lobby, shop, or trade show booth. Elevate your brand’s visibility effortlessly and store your costume with flair between performances. Embrace this worry-free solution to spotlight your mascot’s charm and charisma.

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