Dutch Grand Prix Mascot Made by Promo Bears  

Case Study





Jack the Lion

Captain of the Orange Army

Cheerful, energetic, friendly

Orange colors, racing suit and cap, smiling

Dutch Grand Prix Mascot Made By Promo Bears

Credits: The Dutch Grand Prix via Facebook

Case Study: The Dutch Grand Prix and its lion mascot

A symphony of triumph echoed through the Dutch Grand Prix on the 27th of August, 2023. While Jack – the Dutch Grand Prix’s Lion mascot created by Promo Bears – hyped up the fans, Max Verstappen claimed the winner’s throne. It has been a real challenge participating in this race due to the pouring rain and red flags. Especially this period of time was Jack’s moment to shine. With its stunning looks and enthusiastic character, he knew how to entertain the crowd while waiting for the race to continue.

Dutch Grand Prix Mascot Made By Promo Bears

About the project | the captain of the orange army

In collaboration with the Dutch Grand Prix, Promo Bears brought a dynamic and unique mascot to life called Jack, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Dutch Grand Prix. After several sketches offered by our design team, the Dutch Grand Prix decided to continue with a lion. Inspired by the Mexican Grand Prix mascot, the lion was requested to visualize the Netherlands and its powerful energy. The mascot needed to be a friend of everyone, a photo magnet for groups of adults as well as for little children. Therefore, it should not have been too fierce or aggressive to be able to connect with children. After discussing the wishes, Promo Bears’ design team created Jack the Lion, featuring orange colors to represent the Dutch Army.

Introducing JAck’s Fans

The Formula One scene has become tremendously popular over recent years, attracting fans of various ages and nationalities from around the world. Jack the Lion was performing in multiple places during the Dutch Grand Prix. Specifically targeting both adult and family fan zones, establishing himself as the official Captain of the Orange Army. He successfully showed his entertainment skills where he effectively captivated and engaged the crowd, especially during the red flag in the race. Jack the Lion knew how to present himself in an entertaining way to keep the crowd occupied!


Dutch Grand Prix Mascot Made By Promo Bears

Credits: The Dutch Grand Prix via Facebook

Dutch Grand Prix Mascot Made By Promo Bears

Credits: The Dutch Grand Prix via Facebook

The winding reactions on Jack

Despite the stormy and rainy weather, only positive thoughts and reviews have stuck within the minds of the fans. Reviewing reactions on the Dutch Grand Prix’s Socials show enthusiastic expressions on the entertainment of Jack the Lion and the energy of the crowd. Adult and children both have expressed their positive opinions about Jack and the Dutch Grand Prix.

“Loved the entertainment, I had great fun despite the rain!”

“We enjoyed the race as well as the fans who created a great party despite the heavy showers, you could feel the energy through the TV!”

“What an amazing mascot! Can’t wait to take a picture with it!”

Check out The Dutch Grand Prix’s Facebook  and Instagram for the original pictures and more information on the Dutch Grand Prix and Formula One!

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