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  • High-quality and consistent mascot costumes based on your design, idea or existing mascot.
  • Tailored solutions for your organization:

    Project timeline aligned with your needs and wishes, mascot costume prototyping, mass-manufacturing options, warehouse, and shipping solutions worldwide.

  • Professional design service and free concept illustrations from our experienced design team. We can design a new costume for your brand or replicate an existing brand mascot owned by you.
  • Special pricing options for mass-manufacturing starting at 10+ identical mascot costumes. 
  • Reorder additional mascot costumes at any point in the future! We make sure that we can recreate your mascots exactly. Therefore, ordering more mascot costumes with an identical, unique look will always be possible.

Experienced partner for franchises worldwide since 2006

We already manufactured +150 mascots for Franchises and Mascot Programs. Are your mascots next?

Why Promo Bears is the right partner for your mascot costumes

Character Design Example 1 by Promo Bears

Experienced in mascot design and creation

Promo Bears has been designing and producing professional mascot costumes for large and small organizations since 2006. With a large team of project managers and designers, we aim to deliver the most stunning, unique, and comfortable mascot costumes to our customers around the globe.

Order mascot costumes in bulk from 10 pieces

Optimized process for reliable mascot mass-manufacturing

Our high production capacity and optimized workflows enable us to manufacture stunning mascots in high volumes without compromising quality. We can produce an average of 5 mascots/week for your project. The mascot heads are produced using a 3D pattern mold, which we can reuse to ensure all of your mascots look identical.

Keychains in the shape of your logo at affordable prices

Wide array of mascot giveaways and promotional items

Next to mascots, we also offer a wide variety of mascot merchandise, giveaway items, and inflatables. These can be designed specifically for your franchise or mascot and shipped to locations around the world. You can also create a design of your desired products and allow franchisees to buy the products on demand directly from us.

Cases – Franchise mascots

Salvation Army Mascot Costume in Action - Made by Promo Bears - 2

Salvation Army Red Kettle & Shield Mascots

We manufacture two mascot types of The Salvation Army locations. We keep these designs in stock, so any Salvation Army location can order a mascot costume through our website and get it delivered within 2-3 business days. This is only possible since we are able to store finished costumes in our large warehouse facility and have a dedicated logistics team. In addition, we supply Salvation Army locations with logo keychains, giant inflatables, and other products on request.

Promo Bears produced multiple mascots for the franchise Buffalo wings & rings

Buffalo Wings & Rings Mascot Costume

We have created over 15 Chef Buffalo mascot costumes for locations in countries around the world. It can be produced consistently on demand thanks to our mascot replication process and molds. As a result, the mascot costumes can be replicated at any time without unwanted changes to the design, head shape, or materials. While this process is less quick than upfront production, it lowers the investment cost and allows franchisees to decide for themselves if they want to order a Buffalo Wings & Rings mascot costume. In addition, we have created keychains that can be customized with the specific restaurant address and contact information on the back.

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Work together with a team of mascot experts with over 16 years of experience in mascot design and production.

Our services include:

  • FREE concept artwork. Showing you what your franchise mascot will look like. Including unlimited revisions.
  • FREE quote with no obligation.
  • Tailored solutions for franchises and large organizations.

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