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Here’s a couple more reasons why you should get a police/fire department mascot costume:

  • Promo Bears is the expert in the field of custom mascot costumes. We have a lot of experience with police departments and fire brigades. We distinguish ourselves by making a design for you for free. We will also adjust the design until you are completely satisfied with the results. This way we ensure your mascot is aligned with your goals.
  • Our talented mascot design team loves to work on mascots designed to boost spirit. We enjoy creating cute and friendly mascot characters which will make you more approachable in your community
  • Production time of our high-quality mascots takes approximately 9-11 weeks. From design, to production, to delivery, we offer a total solution in the field of police/fire department mascots.

  • When your mascot costume is completed, it is delivered for FREE to your doorstep with UPS in only 2-3 days.

Solution Mascot Police Department with police uniform

How Mascots Help Build Trust Between Emergency Services and the Community

If you’ve ever wondered how you can boost your department’s image, morale and community engagement, you might’ve just found a solution! Custom mascot costumes are a great way for police and departments to create a positive image.

With Promo Bears, you can have a friendly and approachable mascot in no time! Our high-quality mascots are produced in just 9-11 weeks. They are a perfect way for engaging with children and families at community events!

How it works

Your police mascot costume is custom made according to your wishes. Based on your ideas we will send you a quote and design. When you are fully satisfied with the design, we will start production.

Step 1: Request a FREE Quote

Please tell us more about your project. Upload any artwork you have available of your mascot. We will get back to you asap and latest within 24 hours!

Step 2: FREE Concept Artwork

Our talented design team will show you how your mascot could look like. Including unlimited revisions. We take wearer comfort and good vision for the wearer into account. Once you are 100% satisfied with your design simply confirm your order by e-mail and we will proceed with production.

Concept illustration of a police bear mascot costume of the Sacramento Police Department

Step 3: Production & Delivery

Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best. We are experts in custom mascot costumes. Your new custom mascot will be produced according to the approved design and delivered to your doorstep with UPS.

Working with Promo Bears

Sheriff police dog mascot costume with uniform and 3D printed accessories


  • Realistic 3D plastic eyes (standard included)
  • Battery-operated cooling fan (standard included)
  • Sports-mesh breathable inner lining (standard included)
  • Mascot manual with mascot performance & maintenance guidelines (standard included)
  • High-quality logo printing (heat transfer or embroidery)
  • Carry bag (optional)
  • Cooling vest (optional)
  • Mascot stand (optional)
  • Extra set of hands & shoes (optional)
  • LED light system (optional)
McWilliams Mascot - Merchandise

Additional products for your mascot program:

We can help you with the following products:

  1. Custom mascot costume
  2. Custom plush toys and custom stress balls
  3. Giant mascot inflatable
  4. Inflatable mascot tunnels
  5. Giveaways of your mascot like: keychains, temporary tattoos, pins and buttons

FREE Mascot Design Service

Let our talented design team show you what your mascot could look like. Including unlimited revisions.

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We work for: schools, universities, corporate clients, agencies and sports teams.

Engage kids with custom police and fire brigade mascots

It can be difficult for law enforcement and authorities to engage with children, or even seem approachable to them. However, it is important that they learn from a young age to trust their local police department and fire brigade. A successful way to engage with children is through a custom police or fire brigade mascot costume.

Promo Bears specializes in creating high-quality police and fire brigade mascots, with many satisfied clients. Whether you want a friendly police officer, a heroic firefighter or perhaps a cute and friendly Shepard costume, we work with you every step of the way. Of course, if you already have a character, we can work on bringing it to life together!

If you want to teach children about safety and rules or simply become more approachable and build trust within your community, custom police mascot costumes or fire brigade mascot costumes are a great tool for promoting your values in a memorable way.

Paramedic dog mascots posing together

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