7 Mascot Entertainment Tips

You have just received your brand-new mascot costume. Wonderful! How can you use it to have a great time and entertain your audience? Let us give you some great tips to unlock the potential of your mascot!

1. Trade Shows: your greatest partner at your booth

Your mascot can be the main attraction of your booth when it comes to trade exhibitions: entertain your visitors and they will always remember you! Make sure they’re always ready for the next Selfie.

Trade Show Mascots

2. Hand out your advertising material

As the greatest ambassador of your organization, your mascot is the best ally in its promotion: spread out your material and be sure to keep a hold on people’s minds!

Custom Owl Mascot

3. The Kids’ Best Friend

Children will immediately feel affection for your mascot: they will be eager to give it a hug and play together. We recommend to crouch down to smaller kids, to allow them to see your mascot’s friendly expression.

Custom Mascots with Children

4. Special events: the star of the show!

Be sure to have your mascot at your event: bring it to the stage and include it in your performance. People will go crazy for it!

Emo Nite Custom Mascot

5. Sports: the living spirit of your team!

Take the field with your mascot: your fans will love it! Support your team with your new costume and lead it to victory

Custom School Mascots

6. Your school’s number-one spirit generator

Your mascot is the frontman for your school. Your colors and your logo will become notorious and your costume will become a celebrity among your students, as well as among the potential future pupils interested in your school.

National Park College Mascot

7. Our best tip: Free up your creativity

As you can see, there are no rules when it comes to the best entertainment use of your costume: everything depends on your goal, your intention and your imagination. Feel free to try out new uses and experience with your new mascot: stand out from your competitors with your brilliant ideas!

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