About Promo Bears

Together we create excitement and smiles for your Customers!Clients!Fans!Students!Visitors!

Experts in custom mascot costumes, stress balls, plush toys, custom merchandise, and promotional products since 2006.

What we do

At Promo Bears we design and produce breathtaking mascot costumes, cuddly plush toys, custom merchandising, and giant inflatables.

Thereby, we enable organizations around the globe to:

  • Promote and enhance their brands

  • Engage and entertain live audiences

  • Win fans and turn them into ambassadors

Our customers all over the world are located in the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain and many more countries.

We deliver to big organizations and famous brands like NASA, Bridgestone, Harrods, and Red Bull, but we also give our full enthusiasm and motivation to schools, small sports clubs and camping sites.

Our ambition is to provide every organization with the most amazing products that will help them to achieve their goals.

Worry-free service

Our project managers are happy to assist you at any point. They will be your main contact with Promo Bears and are there to ensure your purchase process goes smoothly. You can ask them any questions regarding our services and figure out, together with them, which can help support your brand’s mission.

Custom-made designs

The designers are there to help you fulfill your needs. There is no upfront commitment! You get a free concept illustration based on your logo or design idea. With our products, you get unlimited revisions until the design perfectly matches your needs. Once you are fully happy with the product, the production process can start!

High-quality products

For an affordable price, you will receive high-quality products from us. Our mascots have 3D realistic eyes, a built-in ventilation system and are comfortable to wear. All products are made with high-quality and durable fabric too!

Trusted by 2000+ clients worldwide since 2006

We work for: schools, universities, corporate clients, agencies and sports teams.

Meet The People that bring
your projects to life

The Bosses
we run this place

André Dietz
CEO & Co-founder

Edwin Knol
Director & Co-founder


Rebecca Jackson
Senior Project Manager
USA & World

Louie Sawicki
Project Manager
USA & World

Gilberto Maldonaldo
Project Manager
USA & World

Jenna Bayer
Project Manager
USA & World

Eduardo Ordaz
Project Manager
USA & World

Nina Gavrilova Mitevska
Sales Assistant
USA & World

Alleke de Wal
Senior Project Manager
Germany & Netherlands

Darius Djabbari
Project Manager

Leon de Vos
Project Manager

the designers
We make your vision reality

Olf Meijering
Senior Designer

Renze Leenstra
Senior Designer

Wendy Leenstra
Senior Designer

Rjay Del Campo

Alfred Saguban

Sadhu Rismayana

Kyle Navaluna

behind the scenes
We do other important things

Luc Simon
Marketing Manager

Sara Ismail
Marketing Communication Professional

Germán Montero Rodríguez
Purchase Manager
Custom Plush Toys & Merchandise

Ainhoa Illescas
Purchase Manager
Mascot Costumes

Julio Granados
Logistics Manager & Project Manager Spain

Michelle Langhout
Maintenance & Repairs

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