Additional Mascot poses / illustrations

Once your mascot design is finished, we love to help you bring your new character to life! Poses are very effective in getting your character well-known very fast and efficiently. Use mascot poses on your website, brochures, flyers and promotion material.

  • Different facial expressions (happy, excited, questioning, serious etc.)
  • Different body positions (jumping, thumbs up, pointing at something, standing still, running etc.)
  • Different accessories (holding a phone, your product, coffee cup, Tablet etc.)
  • Different clothing (Business, Superhero Suit, Eastern or Christmas costume etc.)
Illustrated mascot poses of a parrot mascot: pirate, vacation, construction and brand shirt bird
  • We offer this service including: FREE black/white sketches, unlimited revisions final design in full color vector pdf (for highest quality in printing) and .png file (for website / social media).

  • Delivery time: approx 1-2 weeks. (Depends on rounds of feedback)

  • Priced at: 150 USD per mascot pose.