Boosting marketing with a Custom Mascot Costume

You want to take your marketing strategy to the next level? Having a custom mascot costume will allow your school, non-profit organization, sports team or company to go outside their basic marketing tactics. Mascots are the most entertaining tool to gather your audience together and to allow your brand to stand out.

On this blog, Promo Bears is going to show you 5 benefits that your company will acquire after making the choice to invest on a custom mascot costume for marketing purposes.

1. Custom mascot costumes elevate brand recognition

Nowadays competition is everywhere; as such companies will have to stand out among their competitors. Whether your goal is to spread an important message, improve revenues or increase your fan base, a mascot with personality will be the perfect investment to increase your brand recognition. Due to the size of it and the spirit that a mascot spreads at every social occasion, your organization will get attention easily from its current and future audience. It will also stay on everyone’s minds after every appearance.

2. Custom mascots are easily noticeable

During social events, having the attention of an audience is always hard, but when you have the right marketing tool, entertaining a crowd will become easier. A physical walkabout mascot is easily noticeable due to its size and its personality. Who would not want to take pictures, talk to your mascot, or learn more about your organization? Increasing your audience will be, without a doubt, easier with a mascot!

Supehero Mascots - PAL Mascot

3. Mascots bring a positive image

Clients will choose a brand that aligns with their values, that they can have faith in, no matter what and that they will be loyal too. A mascot will be the personification of your brand. It will also allow you to control their backstory, the message you want it to spread and you won’t have to worry about the mascot having a negative behavior, like celebrities can. The mascot will showcase your brand’s personality and it will be easier for your clients to really get who you are, which will strengthen your relationships with them.

4. Custom mascot costumes improve team spirit

Employees are as important as the audience for a brand to make revenue. Mascots not only engage the audience, but they also engage an organization’s employees. Organizational spirit is important to have in a working environment. It brings employees together, shows them the importance of teamwork and creates a social community among them. Mascots will elevate any employee’s spirit in a fun and entertaining environment. In fact, mascots will help your employees to be more productive at work and will give them the motivation to be the best person they can be in their everyday life.

Lincoln Savings Bank Custom Mascot Costume

5. Increase your brand recognition on social media

We are living in a century where companies can’t only interact with their audience during social events. The improvement of technology and social media has given businesses wonderful tools which give them the opportunity to communicate with their audience at any given time. Having a mascot will give you the power to entertain and engage your fans in a way that a marketing person won’t be able to.

Ithaca High School - Yellow Jacket Mascot

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