5 Reasons why a Custom Mascot Head can still be high impact

Custom Dog Mascot Head 2

When organizations make the decision to purchase a mascot costume in order to improve their brand recognition, most of the time they opt for the whole mascot costume. In fact, you are probably wondering why should my organization purchase a custom mascot head only when we can purchase the whole mascot costume with a head, hands, shoes and the whole-body suit?

On this blog, Promo Bears is going to answer this question by showing you 5 reasons why purchasing a custom mascot head only can be as beneficial as the whole mascot costume.

1. The crucial part of the mascot

When we think of our favorite celebrity or celebrities, we always have their face(s) in mind. This one will remind us of their personality, their values, their back stories and many other aspects that are specific to this particular person. In fact, this aspect doesn’t apply only for human; it does also apply to mascot character. When an audience thinks of an organization, this one will always have either the logo or the face of the organization’s character in mind. Therefore, the organization will put all its money on the custom mascot head. As such the other parts of the mascot, like the bodysuits, the hands and the shoes, will only be additional accessories for this one.

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2. Custom mascot heads are Maximum Value

When creating a brand mascot design, one of the crucial aspects is to create an appealing back story, which will have a huge part in bringing a brand to life. As such, this one will showcase who the organization really is, such as their values. But the more complex the design is the more expensive the mascot will be. Buying the most important part of the mascot, which is the head only, will allow you to have freedom when using the character’s props.

3. Easy to Customize

Having the freedom to choose your own character’s props will allow a sports team to promote their own jersey along with their partner, by having their logo on their jersey. Or if your goal is to promote a local shop, you can buy a T-shirt with your logo on it from a local print shop, for example. By having a custom mascot head only, this one will allow you to pursue those goals.

4. Simple storage

Every mascot costume has a different shape and some can come with a wide range of props and features. Also, the mascot has to have enough space around it so that pieces like ears and tails are not bent out of shape. As such, finding a small place to store a mascot can be quite challenging sometimes. By having the head only, you will be able to cut this concern in half or even more!

5. Make it shine
– add LED lights

Did you know that your mascot can also be used by night or in an environment lacking light? Adding LED Lights to your custom mascot head will enhance its performance in a dark place.

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