Custom Stress Relievers with Your Mascot

Is your organization interested in using custom stress relievers as a marketing strategy?

Custom stress relievers, like a custom mascot, can have some benefits, such as allowing your organization to increase their brand recognition and differentiate yourselves from your competitors.

By customizing stress ball relievers, your organization will be able to design a unique product that will only be associated with your business. With this product you can showcase your company’s values and especially bring to life a product that matches your organization’s needs.

Promo Bears is going to show you the process of bringing custom stress relievers to life.

Designing your custom stress relievers

Your company already owns a logo or already has a character? Our Promo Bears design team has experience in faithfully replicating existing characters into custom stress balls. All our stress ball artwork is no-obligation and open to your feedback.

On the other hand, if you are not sure what type of character will be the best fit for your organization, don’t worry about it!  Our design team has also a lot of experience regarding the creation of unique characters. Feel free to forward us your logo, goals and vision. Our designer will use them to create a character that will be the personification of your brand.

Once you will be fully satisfied with your custom stress relievers design, the next step will be the creation of your stress ball prototype.

Custom stress relievers prototype

In order to bring the perfect stress ball to life, the first production step will be to produce a prototype based on your final design approval.

It will take 4 weeks for our production team to bring your prototype to life. Once this is finished, you will have two options to review it:

1.       By picture. Your designated project manager will send you pictures of your stress ball prototype, for you to review. When you give your OK the mass production can begin.

2.       Receiving it at your shipping address. If you wish to review your prototype in person, no problem! Our team will be glad to send your prototype to your delivery address so you can get a feel for our quality. Please allow 1-2 extra weeks for shipment.

The custom stress relievers mass production

Once you are fully satisfied with your stress ball prototype, the next step is to bring your order quantity to life.

It will take 4 to 5 weeks for the mass production to be fully ready to be shipped. Once this one will be finished, we will send everything to your shipping address.

Now that you have a product that suit your organization’s need, you’re fully ready to stand out from your competitors during events, trade shows and other social events!

Ready to Discover More?

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