Designing the Perfect Custom Mascot for Your Company

By having a custom mascot, will allow your company to have a mascot that will be the perfect match for your business, the brand’s story and message you want to spread. Where to start? When you get in touch with Promo Bears, we will ask you a few questions like the below which will us to design the perfect mascot for your organization

if you want to learn more about the benefits of having a custom mascot, feel free to read our article: ‘’Boosting your marketing efforts with a custom mascot costume’’. Our team has listed 5 benefits that companies have acquired after having a custom mascot.

1.       Who is your target audience?

The ultimate goal is for your audience to relate and interact with your mascot. Then designing a mascot with your target audience in mind will entertain your audience and spread the right message. For example, if your target audience is mainly children, then you should think about having an easily recognizable, friendly or funny looking mascot. On the other hand, if your mascot will be for a sports team, they you may go for a fierce, more intimidating and strong character.  Trade show attendees will more likely be attracted to a fun and comical type of character.

Our experienced team will be glad to help you in creating a design that will be perfect to entertain your target audience. We will assist you from the facial expression, the body appearance, your mascot accessories, the color choices and the fabric selection, to make sure your mascot will be aligned with your organization and spread the correct message.

2.       What type of performance would you like your mascot to do?

Your mascot performance vision is as important as your mascot appearance. For your mascot to be fully functional and have a high longevity, you need to have a comfortable, wearable and durable mascot.

If for example, you want your mascot to just do meet-and-greet on a controlled stage, then you will be able to work with a large range of designs. However, if you want your mascot to run or to do some dance moves, you may need to avoid any type of costume where the arm mobility is restricted and to make sure that the costume doesn’t go below the wearer’s knees.

Once you will have a complete vision of your mascot performance, our design team will be able to create a custom mascot that is physically attractive and entirely functional.

3.       Have you thought about your mascot’s backstory?

Creating a great backstory will bring your mascot’s personality to life. It will also add profoundness and motivation to your character. By showcasing your mascot’s personality, your audience will be able to understand where the character is coming from and it will be easier for them to relate to the character on multiple levels.

4.       Do you have people to help you bring your custom mascot project to life?

There are a lot of things to take into account, when designing the perfect mascot, which aligns to your company needs. You will need to find some time to bring your team together and start the brainstorming process.  You can use your logo as an inspiration; take everything that is important to your organization as ideas and compare them with each other.

If you are lacking off inspiration or ideas, feel free to contact our team. Getting to know the organization we work with is part of our job. We will be glad to assist you with the brainstorming and guide you in the design process.