Doesn’t it get hot in there?

Mascot comfort and mobility

Custom mascot costume with built in ventilation

A question we’re often asked is “how hot is it in there?”. We test every mascot suit we make, an average of 500 per year. From experience, we can say that yes, it is warm. BUT not as warm as you might expect. We do everything we can to make your mascot as comfortable as possible.

A Promo Bears mascot suit has a built-in ventilation system as standard. This ensures air circulation in the head. Often the mouth is also made of mesh to allow for more breathability. We make the body as cool and comfortable as possible. For example, the inner body suit gives the mascot shape without weighing it down with heavy padding. Finally, it is also a possibility to order a mascot cooling vest with your mascot. The cooling vest contains ice packs and these provide cooling for approximately 4 hours, ideal for hot days!

Another question we often get is how easy is it to move around in a mascot suit? A mascot suit that is comfortable and easy to move around in has much more impact. The mascot comes across as energetic, interacts with its environment well, and also makes for a happier mascot wearer inside.

For an example of a mobile mascot with maximum impact, check out our friend DASH for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte’s 5K fundraiser.

Why is mascot comfort not a given?

Every day we receive beautiful requests with great mascot designs. Beware of a costume that just literally translates your mascot. You run the risk of an unusable mascot suit: too heavy, no visibility or impossible to move. It is important to have your design turned into a mascot suit where wearing comfort and a good field of vision for the wearer are taken into account. At Promo Bears we therefore always first make a drawing of your mascot suit in our concept illustration grid. We build your mascot around a 6’1″ adult silhouette. Your mascot suit is then suitable for wearers of 5’7″ – 6’1″. Below you can see Charlie the Super Cow! This one had vision through a subtle screen on the end of the muzzle.