Before starting, make sure you have enough space to disassemble your inflatable, that there are no sharp objects nearby, and that your inflatable is fully dry. Two people are required to disassemble your inflatable.

Firstly, switch the blower to “OFF” and unplug the blower. During the deflation of the inflatable, help it to fall to the ground in a controlled way. We recommend removing any electric cables, to be sure nobody could trip over them.

Next, disconnect the air hose from the blower and open the air hose (Velcro and the zippers) of your inflatable to let the air go out.

Untie the ropes from the ground pins and remove them. Put your inflatable flat on the ground and make sure all the air is out before folding and rolling it.

Now make a rectangle with your inflatable starting from the extremities and folding them to the center. Go on with rolling up your inflatable carefully. With two persons, fold one side first and then the other (the goal is to have your inflatable about 2 – 2 ½ feet wide).

Now roll the length of the inflatable towards the air hose; by doing that, you should be able to remove any air that is still inside your inflatable.

Afterward, put your rolled-up inflatable into your carry bag.