How do you make great Mascot Design?

The Jefferson Speedway Complex case

The purpose of this article is to show you how we create a beautiful mascot design starting from our client’s request. In particular, we take as a reference the Moto Mouse mascot realized for the Jefferson Speedway Complex.

The client’s request: the first step in the mascot design

According to our client’s wishes or references (for instance the mascot logo of the organization, the expression of the mascot, the lettering on the front and back of the character, etc…) our design team create the first sketch of the mascot in black and white. In this case, the Jefferson Speedway responsible opted for a happy mighty mouse in a motorcycle suit with their logo, and the mascot name on the front (Moto), wearing a cape with a circle containing the lettering MMM on the back.

B+W Mascot Design
B+W Mascot Design to Color

From sketch to color

Once the client is completely satisfied with the black and white sketch, our team creates the color version of the mascot based on the client’s preferences. The colors in this case were picked considering the client’s organization official ones and the colors which could best fit the idea of a race-related mascot.

The final mascot design

After the colorful version has been approved by the client, our designers team create the final design including the front, side and back views. This represents the last step of the design process before moving to the production phase.

Moto Mouse Concept Illustration

The production phase

Time to bring the mascot to life! Once the client confirms the intention to proceed, our production team starts working on the creation of the costume based on the final mascot design. The client receives the post-production pictures and after the approval the mascot will be sent out.

Time for action!

Nothing remains for the client but enjoying the mascot and have a great time with their mascot! And we are sure the guys at The Jefferson Speedway Complex did.

We are ready to bring your mascot design to life! And you?

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