How to be an Expert Mascot Maker

What goes into becoming an expert Mascot Maker?

Promo Bears is proud to serve a variety of clients and create mascots for every need and event. How do you create a custom mascot?
Here are just some of the things we consider in the process, and what you can expect from any expert in the mascot maker field.

Indoor playground frog mascot hugging children at trampoline park

Know your audience

One of the first questions to consider who your mascot is being used for – your audience. Do you want a cute and cuddly mascot for the kids at the next community event? Or a cool unique character that everyone will want to take a selfie with at your next trade show? These are important questions any mascot maker should ask from the start.

Mascots with Kids
Mascots with Kids by Promo Bears

Cute and cuddly mascots are great for the kids in your audience.

Trade Show Mascots
Trade Show Mascots by Promo Bears

A trade show mascot can attract attention beyond the booth.

Bring your brand to life

When making your mascot, you want to be sure that your organization stands out as well as your character. A mascot is not just a costume, but a true brand ambassador. A mascot maker can make sure that your branding colors and logo are incorporated into your mascot’s color scheme and clothing design. The experts go a step beyond and incorporate your brand into the structure of the mascot itself.

Branding Mascots
Branding Mascots by Promo Bears

A true brand ambassador for any occasion

Comfort is key

Any mascot maker should know where the mascot costume is going to be used. With this information, Promo Bears creates a costume that is suited to each situation and keeps your mascot wearer comfortable. A mascot for summer? We will look at lighter fabric options. A custom trade show mascot? We make sure your mascot works in a crowd. Or making an entrance on the field with a mobile mascot for maximum impact.

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