How To Clean Mascot Costumes

Why are Clean Mascot Costumes Important?

Taking good care of your mascot costumes has three key advantages. First, it increases the lifetime of your costume. Second, a clean and well-maintained mascot has a positive effect on your audience. Finally, the wearer will appreciate a clean costume and perform to their best.

When to Clean Mascot Costumes

We make a distinction between two types of cleaning: post-use cleaning and long-term thorough cleaning.

Post-use cleaning

To-Dos after each performance

  • Clean the head of the mascot with water and detergent from the inside. Do not use perfume or deodorant.
  • If there is a stain, remove the stain immediately with a wet cloth or stain remover. Make sure your stain remover does not contain bleach and is color resistant.
  • Have a quick look at the mascot after each use. Do the zippers work? Is there any damage? If you take care to repair every little thing immediately your mascot will last a lot longer.
  • The mascot should always be aired and completely dry before it is stored.

Long-term thorough cleaning

Recommended every 3 months

Head and Feet

  • Clean the head and the feet from the inside and outside with a steam cleaner.
  • Use color-fast stain remover (for example Vanish oxi Action) to remove stains.
  • Wash the head and the feet with a wet cloth and dry them afterward.
  • If your mascot has long-haired fabric, brush the hair
  • Before you store the mascot be sure the head and the feet are completely dry.

Body, Hands and Clothes

  • Wash the mascot and each part of it by hand.
  • Take note to the washing instructions of the particular detergent you are using.
  • During cleaning, don’t expose your mascot to high temperatures (EX: dryer or iron).
  • Do not bleach or clean the mascot with any chemicals.
  • Let the costume air dry. Important note: never put the mascot costume in the dryer.
  • For parts of the mascot which cannot be cleaned by hand, you can use our cleaning instructions for the head/feet.

Any Questions?

At Promo Bears, we are always on hand for any questions about our mascot costumes. Give us a call at 941-254-3284 or send us an email and one of our project managers will be happy to give advice on cleaning your custom mascot.

Mascot Ben Cleaning

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