Increasing revenue with Custom Mascot Merchandise

Your company has already got a custom mascot and you are looking for ways to maximize your company’s profit? Have you thought about turning your mascot character to merchandise in order to pursue that goal?

The use of a custom mascot as a marketing strategy has brought a wide range of benefits to companies around the world. This use has allowed companies to boost their revenue, improve their brand recognition, increase customer engagement and many great benefits that weren’t accessible to companies before having a mascot.

Promo Bears is going to show how your company will be able to generate extra revenue with custom mascot merchandise.

Offering mascot merchandise as giveaways during trade show or events

Using a custom mascot at live events has proven to be an efficient way to engage with your audience and elevate your brand recognition in an entertaining and fun environment. In fact, due to the size of it and the spirit that a mascot exhumes on every social occasion, your brand will stay on everyone’s minds after every event.

Have you thought about having merchandise giveaways such as key chains, tattoos or stickers? Using giveaways won’t only make your audience a part of your brand, but it will also be a huge help for your company to drive extra future sales. Custom mascot merchandise is small and can be carried anywhere. For example, keychains can’t only be used for keys; they can also be added to bags. So, your current fans can carry it everywhere and it’ll help you to expand your brand recognition and attract future clients thanks to your fans.

Designing custom stress relievers

Are you looking for ways to expand or create your own custom mascot merchandise items? Have you thought about turning your idea or a custom design to custom stress relievers? Nowadays, the stress that people experience has increased. Combining both a custom mascot and stress relievers together will allow your company to offer new items to your customers. You can choose to sell them online, at a physical store or during events. Those will help your company to make extra revenue.

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Custom stress balls made by Promo Bears

Designing Plush Toys

Custom plush toys in different shapes made by Promo Bears

You want to take your merchandise option to the next level with custom plush toys? Just like stress balls, plush toys can be sold online, at a physical store or during events. These kinds of items are best suited for companies that have children part of their audience. Plush Toys are kind of children’s first love, so combining both mascot and stuffed animals or dolls together will drive future sales.

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Custom mascot merchandise will increase your presence on social media

We are living in a century where social media marketing has become a huge part of the organization. The improvement of technology and social media has given businesses wonderful tools. It has given companies the opportunity to interact with their audience at any given time. By having your clients post pictures of them with your own items, will give you free publicity online. It then will allow you to increase the number of people interested in your company’s products and services.

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