Inflatable Mascot Costume: Discover More

How can you keep the characteristics of a mascot costume while combining them with an inflatable look? The answer is: an inflatable mascot costume! Our costumes are made with the purpose of replicate your mascot scrupulously and give it a more inflatable consistency, ensuring a great comfort for the wearer and a great range of motion. Are you ready to find out more?

Shammie Inflatable Mascot

What are the characteristics that make an inflatable mascot costume so special?

Our costumes are made from nylon, which guarantees a high resistance and an excellent air retention. It’s also a great lightweight solution for the comfort of the wearer. How is it possible to keep your costume inflated without any cable plugged in? This is where the secret lies: A vest with an incorporated battery. The wearer simply needs to put it on and turns on the switch to start the inflation of the costume. One flip of the switch, and it’s time for the fun to start!

Interal Vest and Battery

From design to completion

  1. Everything starts off from the sketch and a character design realized according to the client’s preferences
  2. Our team creates all the front, side and back views to give the client a complete overview on the final result. Once it’s approved, the production phase can start
  3. After a few weeks, the costume is ready to be sent out to the client. We are almost there: it’s just a matter of days before the brand-new costume is delivered to the client’s address. It has been worth the wait: time to have a blast now!
Inflatable Mascot Costume Design Process

Want to find out more?

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