Why is an inflatable mascot your best advertising partner?

Inflatables are a brilliant way to increase awareness of your organization. There are big in size but easy to install – at the entrance of your event, on the roof of your building… the options are endless! Read here how we create the inflatables and how it can make an impact for you.

Great results are born from great ideas…

Everything starts off with the design: this is the first step in providing you with the inflatable mascot of your dreams. Your stunning idea, together with the expertise of our design team, is a perfect combination to kick off in the best way!

Inflatable Mascot Design

Bring your inflatable mascot to life!

It’s time to make it real! Our production team scrupulously follows the design elements to be sure the result matches your vision. We use the best materials for your project, to make an inflatable that is easy to set-up, take-down, and made to last. After a few weeks of waiting, your inflatable is ready; looking forward to receiving it?

Inflatable Mascot Production

Stand out from the crowd!

You have finally received your inflatable: hurray! It’s time to use it in the best way to make sure to turn heads. How? There are several options you can go for. Here are some examples to draw inspiration from…

Make your brand awareness run at full strength!

Now that you have your inflatable, why don’t pair it up with a costume? While the inflatable can grab the audience’s attention from a distance, the mascot costume can interact with the public!

Trade show booth - Inflatable + Mascot

Are you ready to create your own?

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