Making Your Mascot Logo into a Costume

The secret to success lies in your brand

Let’s pretend you are thinking about creating a new mascot for your organization. You would like to have something that reflects the identity of your branding and that enhances its awareness in people’ minds. And what’s the best way to start if not from your logo? It represents the essence of your organization and includes all the elements to give birth to a beautiful mascot. Let us show you how…

From your mascot logo to the character

Send us your logo and inform us about your mascot preferences: our design team will create a character according to your wishes, being sure to highlight the features of your organization. And the first step has been taken! Are you already curious about the final result? Then read further…

From the character to the mascot

Now that your character is done, it’s time to create its mascot version! Our team will first create the costume design, with all the different views of your character to show you how the final result will look like. Once you approve it, the magic happens: we are going to bring your character to life! Your mascot is ready to take on the role of the best ambassador of your organization and to be the living version of its logo!

Custom Warrior Mascot Logo into Costume
Custom Mascot Costume Concept Illustration - Willy the Warrior Custom Warrior Mascot Costume - Willy the Warrior

Gallery: costumes from mascot logos

We have several examples of projects created from organizations logos: our team has extensive experiences in creating characters and therefore mascots starting off from a brand. Check out some of our photos: the next mascot could be yours!

Can’t wait to see the living mascot version of your logo?

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