Mascot Poses for Safety Advice & Printed Communication

Due to COVID-19, many schools, businesses and organizations are utilizing printed communication to give advice on safety and distancing protocols. Try incorporating your mascot into this communication. Mascots can be fun and educational!

We offer: FREE concept artwork, mascot design/creation and additional poses & illustrations. 

Mascot poses for safety advice – Design Ideas

Our mascot experts can draw your mascot in a variety of poses and situations. The choice is yours!

If you don’t know where to start, we suggest the following designs:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Positive thumbs up
  • Washing hands
  • With a ruler noting safe distance
  • Holding a sign with a positive or informative message
  • We offer this service including: FREE black/white sketches, unlimited revisions final design in full color vector pdf (for highest quality in printing) and .png file (for website / social media).
  • Delivery time: approx 1-2 weeks (depending on rounds of feedback).
  • Priced at: 150 USD per mascot pose. Every 5th pose is FREE.
Bear Mascot in various poses

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