Our Top 3 Animal Mascot Costumes

With a custom animal mascot at Promo Bears, we make sure everything is custom to your mascot. Whether your mascot is a dog or a phoenix, our expert designers and mascot makers will bring your vision to life.

But maybe you don’t have a mascot yet. With a custom mascot, the possibilities are endless so you may wonder where to begin?

Below are the Three Most Popular Animal Mascots. Let this blog be the starting point for your inspiration. Still need advice? You can always Contact Us to speak with one our Mascot Experts and get started on a Free Concept Illustration.

Bears: a timeless classic!

Would you like to go for a sweet teddy bear? Do you prefer a fun brown bear? Or are you a fan of the polar bear? No problem! We will make your mascot according to your wishes. Thanks to our broad array of plush and fur fabrics, you can customize your bear to be the type you prefer.

Custom Bear Mascots

Dogs: everyone’s best friend

And that’s why we want to be sure that faithfully represents your organization identity. We have plenty of choices: are you more into a nice and friendly bulldog? Or are you eager to have a fully grown mighty husky? The choice is yours: we make your dreams come true.

Custom Husky Dog Mascot

Bird mascots: spread your wings!

Eagles, roosters and even phoenixes: if it has wings, we can make it! We use the custom plush materials to create an impressive and durable feathered look.  We also offer the option to create two holes for the hands at the end of the wings, to give the wearer the possibility to take them in and out.  This is not only a great feature for giving a wave or thumbs up, but also an extra safety feature to allow the wearer to use their hands easily if needed.

Custom Bird Mascots

Your animal mascot costume is waiting to be brought to life! Are you ready for it?

Feeling inspired? Contact us by clicking on the green button below to receive a no-obligation quote for your project.