School mascot costume

Are you looking for an eyecatcher for your school? Mascots have been a mainstay in schools for ages. Mascots bring school spirit and recognition to your school. A school mascot costume can be used effectively in many ways, sports competitions, school assemblies, and welcoming new students.

At Promo Bears, we have over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing school mascots. We have already created more than 2,500 mascots; is your school’s mascot next?

Mustangs mascot of the Western New Mexico University
Spartan school mascot of the Central Carolina Technical College
Custom Mascot - Arizona - Tolleson Public Library Ollie
Custom Warrior Mascot

Why have a school mascot costume designed by Promo Bears?

  • Promo Bears is the expert in the field of mascot design for schools. We distinguish ourselves by making a design for your school for free. We also adjust this design until you are completely satisfied with it. This way you are assured of a mascot that suits your school and vision.
  • Our talented mascot design team loves to work on a fierce mascot design to boost spirit. However we also love to work on cute / friendly mascot characters. These are often chosen by our elementary school clients.
  • Production time of our high quality mascots takes approx 6-9 weeks. From design, to production, to delivery, we offer a total solution in the field of having school mascots made.
  • When your mascot costume is completed, it is delivered for FREE to your doorstep with UPS in only 2-3 days.
  • We accept purchase orders for schools.
custom dog mascot with school cheerleader's

How it works?

Your school mascot costume is custom made according to your wishes. Based on your wishes we will send you a quote and design. Based on your go we will start production.

Step 1: Request a FREE Quote

Please tell us more about your project. Please upload any artwork you have available of your mascot. We will get back to you asap and latest within 24 hours!

Step 2: FREE Concept Artwork

Our talented design team will show you how your mascot could look like. Including unlimited revisions. We take wearer comfort and good vision for the wearer into account. Once you are 100% satisfied with your design simply confirm your order by e-mail and we will proceed to production.

Dolphin mascot artwork based on client artwork

Step 3: Production & Delivery

Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best. We are experts in custom mascot costumes. Your new custom mascot will be produced according to the approved design and delivered to your doorstep with UPS.


  • Realistic 3D plastic eyes (standard included)
  • Battery operated cooling fan (standard included)
  • Sports-mesh breathable inner lining (standard included)
  • Mascot manual with mascot performance & maintenance guidelines (standard included)
  • High quality logo printing (heat transfer or embroidery)
  • Carry bag (optional)
  • Cooling vest (optional)
  • Mascot stand (optional)
  • Extra set of hands & shoes (optional)
  • LED light system (optional)

Additional products for your mascot program

We can help you with the following products:

  1. Custom mascot costume
  2. Custom plush toys and custom stress toys
  3. Giant inflatable mascot
  4. Inflatable mascot player tunnel
  5. Giveaways of your mascot like: keychains, temporary tattoos, pins or buttons

FREE Mascot Design Service

Let our talented design team show you what your mascot could look like. Including unlimited revisions.

Illustration of a warrior school mascot based on a logo

School mascot merchandise

In addition to mascot costumes, you can also contact us for custom made plush toys, keychains, stress balls, stickers and more. We can develop these products when we create a custom mascot design for you, or make these products based on an existing mascot or design that you already have.

Why invest in mascot mascot merchandise for your school?

  1. Increase school spirit: increase engagement and support for your sport teams!
  2. Fundraisers: raise money and get people involved by selling merchandise of your school mascot.
  3. Field trips: imagine you are on a field trip with 30+ students? How to keep track of everybody? By wearing mascot merchandise quickly identify students and don’t lose track of anyone.
  4. Motivational Give Aways: use your mascot merchandise to award for outstanding sport achievements, attendance, participation or volunteer work.
  5. Recognition: mascot merchandise is there to stay. Our durable products will last for many years. People will recognize your school wherever your students go. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Easy to order
Just send us your mascot design and any other wishes and we take care of design, production and delivery to your office. Before we start with production you will first receive a free quote of your mascot merchandise.

Ready to work together?