Custom Stress Relievers – made for you!

Everyone has experienced stress in life: from young students to adults, it’s a factor which affects all of us sometimes. Our stress balls are a great ally during these moments; they are the perfect custom stress relievers at your hand! And the reason is simple: while you are busy in your daily tasks, you can squish them to help you to focus and keep the stress from distracting you!

Ben Stress Ball Collage

From the design to the final result

Everything starts off from your idea: tell us about your project and send us your logo, your mascot or simply a reference picture. Our design team will create an artwork for you to show your custom stress relievers will look like. Once you approve it, it’s time to bring it to life! Our production team will create the first sample. As soon as we get your confirmation, we will go on with the mass production according to your quantity preference: lots of stress balls ready to be squished are on their way to you!

Lion Stress Balls - from Design to Production

Classic or squishy: make your choice!

Our stress balls come in two different options: classic or squishy. You can decide to go for a more common version or go for the full squishy experience: your stress balls will be even more fun to squish thanks to the more elastic but still resistant materials. Check it out!

Custom stress reliverers – your next giveaway!

Your stress balls are not only simple stress relievers: they can be a great giveaway idea for your events or for your students and an original gift for your customers. Surprise people with your brand-new stress balls: they will go crazy for them!

Bottle Stress Ball
Duck Stress Ball

Feeling Inspired?

Are you ready to create your customized stress relievers? Our team is ready to help you to add that extra touch to your next event. Click on the green button below to request a free quote today!