Why You Should Buy a Mascot Costume!

You want your company to stand out, you want to increase customer interaction, you want your business to make a statement! But how do you achieve that? When you see Mickey Mouse, you think of Disneyland. When you think of a pink rabbit with a drum, you immediately think of Duracell and their energizer bunny. And what about Tony the Tiger? You never think about Tony the Tiger without associating him with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. What do these companies have in common? They all bought a mascot! These mascots are examples of how you can brand a character with your product and make your product stand out from the competitors while appealing to all ages. They make advertising memorable and add a personality to your band-the give your product life. Here are more reasons why you should buy a mascot and how you can benefit from it!

Greater Brand Awareness

So you are thinking you want to buy a mascot costume and really want to strengthen your business. Many businesses attend trade shows and events to network and grow, but how do you stand out? In a room full of hundreds of vendors, you want to make an impression, and that is where we come in. If you buy an iconic mascot, that can be the tool that separates your business from the rest. By associating your business with a custom mascot unique to you, you give your company or brand a friendly face that can be recognized. Click here for more information.

Zack and Zoey from Bricks 4 Kidz are perfect examples of the power of buying custom mascot costumes. They are an excellent indicator of how your business can evolve if you buy a mascot. They represent a franchise that teaches children the principles of engineering and architecture with the use of LEGO® bricks. Our designers worked, from scratch, on several sketches of what could be the company’s brand new characters. With the client’s feedback, we have been able to finalize the creation of Zack and Zoey, and even gave them unique outfits to wear. And depending on the occasion, we have also designed specific outfits to match their mascots’ event! As of now, many franchisees across the globe are proud owners of Zack and Zoey mascot costumes. This is the beginning of a long lasting relationship, and you could be our next one!

A Small Gift Goes a Long Way

Want to go above and beyond? Every business wants to be remembered, but how do you make sure you are? Well, a small gift goes a long way. Bricks 4 Kidz saw the value in going the extra mile and in addition to mascot costumes, they invested in custom key chains and custom erasers. These items were made based on the characters that we have created, but should you want your character in another pose or different outfit, we can most definitely design that for you! Or if you simply want a new design based on your character for marketing purposes such as flyers, social media outreach or website, our team can do it all.

However, the options for marketing your mascot does not end there. You can invest in smaller cuddly versions of your mascots such as plush toys, standing inflatables to catch the eye of the passers-by, keychains, school sets, 3D USB sticks and air fresheners as keepsakes.

Ready to Buy a Mascot?

Are you ready to take the next steps and ready to start a new marketing chapter but don’t  know where to begin? Just like Bricks 4 Kidz you can entrust in Promo Bears in guiding you in the right direction. We can take care of everything from designing the mascot to building the costume. Simply contact us and we will send you a free quote and artwork. Your success is important to us and buying a mascot costume will be the first step towards it!