How to use your mascot during a pandemic

Why did you make a mascot in the first place? Or why are you planning to develop a mascot now? Chances are that it has something to do with the positive experience it gives and creating a unique identity to your company, school or organization. Though many in-person events have been postponed, your mascot still remains your #1 brand ambassador and a key way to spread some spirit.

In this article, we’ll give you some top ways to use your mascot given the current global pandemic situation.

1. Printed communication

Many schools, businesses and office spaces are utilizing printed communication to give advice on safety and distancing protocols. Are you currently working with: floor stickers to keep your distance? Posters with information about safety measures?  Incorporate your mascot into this communication, to create eye-catching designs that bring a smile too! See below for some examples with our mascot, Ben, and check out this page for more information.

Bear Mascot in various poses

2. Working at home

We’re seeing this frequently with our clients: many more people are working from home. How can your mascot help to keep office spirit even outside of the office?

How about a nice mouse pad in the shape of your mascot? A big coffee mug? A desk toy stress ball?

Or give your employees with kids something fun to play in the garden with, featuring your mascot.

Ben Stress Ball Collage

3. Website

Is your mascot already visible on your website? We see with many customers that the mascot plays a nice role in marketing activities and events. Your mascot can also be a star online.

Here’s one approach: create your own page about your mascot. Suggestions for the content of this page:

  • Background information about your mascot
  • Photos of your mascot in action
  • Short interviews
  • Link to your mascot’s Facebook/Instagram page
  • Free coloring page to download

You can see a great example of this with Become Better Fitness.

It is also possible to go a step further and add a mascot to individual pages, designed specifically for each purpose. Eg: contact page, about us, FAQ, error page and price list.

Do you need help making poses? Our design team are ready for you!

Hopefully these suggestions have sparked your imagination. Have some ideas you’d like to work with us on? Contact us at the green button below.