A New Way Of Plush Toys: Include A Built-In Speaker

The German Company FAIRFAMILY Requested A Special Plush Toy That Has A Built-In Speaker

Fairfamily Plush Toys Made By Promo Bears

Case Study
Upgrading The Regular Plush Toys

Plush toys are in general a great way of promoting your brand or company. However, adding an extra feature to this product might make it even more interesting. FAIRFAMILY decided to request a plush toy with a built-in speaker that plays a certain song to distribute its message and use this plush toy as a marketing tool.

Fairfamily Plush Toy Made By Promo Bears

Credits: Greifswald via Facebook

Fairfamily Plush Toy Made By Promo Bears

About The Project | The Design

The first step was to request a quote for the ‘singing’ plush toy. The design team then started designing a concept illustration for a possible plush toy for FAIRFAMILY. The design will be discussed and unlimited revisions are possible to fully satisfy the client’s needs. Once the design is approved, a prototype of the plush toy will be made and sent out to the client for the next approval. FAIRFAMILY requested the speaker to play an advertising jingle based on the well-known Baloo song from The Jungle Book. After approval of the prototype, bulk production will take place and the final plush toys with speakers will be sent out to the client.


Because of the integrated speaker, every company has the opportunity to spread its individual advertising message, sounds, or songs built into a cuddly toy. The speaker can be easily activated by pressing on the plush toy’s chest or stomach. The speaker is sewn deep inside the plush toy which ensures it is not bothering you and remains cuddly and child-friendly. However, not only children can enjoy this toy, but it also serves as a perfect gift for older customers. Just like a speaker-birthday card, a plush toy brings a lot of fun and stands out from the crowd of gifts at trade fairs and events.

Fairfamily Plush Toy Made By Promo Bears
Fairfamily Plush Toy Made By Promo Bears


  • The speaker comes with batteries that ensure a playback time of 4-5 hours.

  • The individual message will continue to play when you press a button, even after many playbacks.

  • You are not tied to a short message length!

  • The memory built into the plush toy speaker can be written with audio files up to 2 minutes long without any problems.

  • With an audio length of 30 seconds, the toy can be activated over 500+ times before the battery runs out.

  • The audio file for the plush toy speaker can be delivered as an MP3 or waveform file.

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