A Mascot & Suitable Plush Toys for Kindersportschule Rosenheim Made by Promo Bears

This Children’s Gym Requested Several Products With Their Own Monkey Character

Kiss Rosenheim Mascot Made By Promo Bears

Credits: Kiss Rosenheim via Instagram

Case Study
Combining Kids’ Sports With A Mascot And Plush Toys

Mascots are widely known to be present during sports events and mainly matches. They are a real crowd-hyper where fans can build a connection with the mascot. This German children’s gym has taken the initiative to use a mascot in the gym to create connections with the children and make sports even more fun! In addition, the mascot ‘Jambo’ has his own plush toys and stickers in the same style.

Kiss Rosenheim Plush Toy and Sticker Made By Promo Bears
Kiss Rosenheim Mascot Made By Promo Bears

Mascot Design

About The Project | The Design

To start the process, Kiss Rosenheim requested a free quote. In this quote, they could mention their wishes regarding the design and upload reference pictures if applicable. After we had received the quote, the design team started creating a suitable design for Kiss Rosenheim. Unlimited feedback rounds are included in the design process of the product. After approval of the design, the production could start. The stickers and mascot were sent out directly after the final approval. Plush toys, however, require extra approval where first the prototype will be sent out to the client. If the client is not satisfied we can still make changes. If the client is 100% satisfied with the plush toys, these will be sent out as well!

Kiss Rosenheim Plush Toy Made By Promo Bears

Plush Toy Design


Kiss Rosenheim has been able to use its mascot in a very effective way. As this company is a children’s gym where kids can practice different sports at the same time, Jambo is there to help. On Instagram, they post many videos where Jambo practices a certain exercise or ensures entertainment. There are several videos where Jambo is used for entertaining purposes, for example, this video. Utilizing your mascot on social media can be very effective for a company. This way, people are already aware of the character and its ‘personality’. This creates excitement – especially for kids – to meet the character in real life. Make sure to take a look at the Instagram of Kiss Rosenheim to see how they use their mascot and plush toys on their socials!

Credits: Kiss Rosenheim via Instagram

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