Custom Inflatables – blow it up BIG!

What are custom inflatables used for?

The answer is anything you like! Custom inflatables by Promo Bears are a great way to make a GIANT impact. Trade shows, sporting events, advertisements and more. Created in a variety of shapes and sizes. and custom printed in full color to your design – if you can dream it, we can inflate it!

How to make custom inflatables with Promo Bears?

Here are just some of the ways our inflatables are made for your organization’s needs.

Keep it quiet

Inflatables are large showstoppers, but that doesn’t mean they need to be big on noise. Opt for our air-sealed option. Your custom inflatables will be designed so that they are blown up and sealed off. With air-sealed custom inflatables, there is zero noise. Added benefit: you can place the inflatable anywhere as a power source is not needed for air-sealed custom inflatables.

A tasty snack on the road – blow up any event, anywhere, with an air-sealed inflatable.  

Light up the night

A custom inflatable is an eye-catcher, so why only limit its use to the daytime? Add built-in LED lighting systems to make an impact at any time of day. This can be great extra advertisement for roadside businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Also makes an impact if your organization hosts events at night.

Let the guests at your next evening event know where the party is at!

Day or night, this owl shines bright!

Make an entrance

You can put it to use by creating an inflatable arch or tunnel. These are popular items anywhere, from trade shows to sporting events. To make a bigger show, how about a fully branded tunnel to give a special welcome to guests at your next event?

Custom inflatable tunnels can be created from an existing logo, or a completely custom design.

Draw a crowd at your next tradeshow

A popular option with many businesses is to create custom inflatables for their tradeshow booths. Promo Bears’ experienced team will make a design guaranteed to create buzz and put your brand on display above the rest. Air-sealed is also a great option for trade show inflatables – blow up your inflatable and place it anywhere, minus the noise.

Draw a crowd at the trade show, while the mascot costume can move around the venue.

How can we help you create your custom inflatable?

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with us to request a quote and get started on free concept illustrations.