Mini Inflatables: The small solution for your big goals!

If your organization is looking for a new inflatable to stand out from your competitors and to increase its brand awareness, the first thought you may have is that is fundamental to make it huge for people to see it from a great distance. But that’s not necessarily true! While a big inflatable can help you to grab your target’s attention from far away, a small one can reinforce your brand reputation on the spot (for instance during an event), making sure to create a positive association with your brand in your potential customers’ mind. Let us show you some examples!

From the design to the final result!

The secret of a great result lies in the design: our team makes it for you based on your idea or your logo, sticking to your preferences and to the information you provide us with. After your approval, our production team will start working to bring your mini inflatable to life! Time for you to receive it and to show everyone your mini blow-up friend!

Design of Mini Inflatable
Mini Inflatable Leprechaun

Every shape and size

Our mini inflatables can come in different sizes and shapes, and their uses are potentially endless: whether you want to simply reproduce your logo or to create a particularly shaped inflatable for a specific event, we have the solution for you! Check out some of our examples and gain inspiration for your own mini inflatable idea!

Ready to create your new mini inflatable? We look forward to your request!

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