Inflatables: Frequently Asked Questions

Have you read our articles Inflatable mascots – pump up your brand! or Reach for the sky with a Giant Inflatable! but you still have questions regarding our inflatables? No worries: on this blog, we have gathered the most common questions.

1.       Do I need a design to start?

If you already have a design for your project, feel free to send it to us! Our design team will create an inflatable design with all the views (front, side and back) for you. Once approved, our production team will faithfully replicate your inflatable according to it.

No design? No problem! Our design team will create a design from scratch according to your preferences and wishes.

Our designs are no-obligation and open to your feedback.

1.       What things should I pay attention to before setting up my inflatable?

First of all, be sure to position your inflatable on a flat surface (ideally a soft one, like grass). Check the ground and remove all the sharp objects (like stones or glass). Make sure there is no fire or any other heat source close to your inflatable.

2.       How do I set up my inflatable?

After you remove your inflatable from the carry bag, role it out completely and make sure all the air exit points or zippers are closed. Put the air hose over the opening of your blower and fasten it tight to the blower. Now you can plug in the blower and switch it ON: the inflating process will start. You can now guide your inflatable to the proper position. Please make sure the blower is always ON for a continuous air flow. Now you can put your inflatable in the desired position and anchor it.

3.       How do I anchor my inflatable?

To anchor your inflatable properly and prevent it from shifting or falling down, we recommend to use the materials included with the purchase of your inflatable (ropes and ground pins). Use two ground pins on the front and two on the back. Also, attach the shoes/feet/bottom of your inflatable through the metal D-rings to the ground with the ground pins. If you are positioning your inflatable on the road or in a trade show booth, make sure the ropes are attached to your booth, to the ceiling and/or to some sand bags.

4.       How do I disassemble my inflatable?

Before starting, make sure you have enough space to disassemble your inflatable, that there are no sharp objects nearby and that your inflatable is fully dry. Two people are necessary to disassemble your inflatable. Firstly, switch the blower to “OFF” and unplug the blower. During the deflation of the inflatable, help it to fall to the ground in a controlled way. We recommend removing the electric cables, to be sure nobody could trip over them. Disconnect the air hose from the blower and open the air hose (velcro and the zippers) of your inflatable to let the air go out. Untie the ropes from the ground pins and remove them. Put your inflatable flat on the ground and make sure all the air is out before folding and rolling it. Now make a rectangle with your inflatable starting from the extremities and folding them to the center. Go on with rolling up your inflatable carefully. With two persons, fold one side first and then the other (the goal is to have your inflatable about 2 – 2 ½ feet wide). Now roll the length of the inflatable towards the air hose; by doing that, you should be able to remove any air that is still inside your inflatable. Now put your rolled-up inflatable into your carry bag.

5.       When shouldn’t I use my inflatable?

We do not recommend using your inflatable in strong winds (more than 25mph). Also, our advice is not using your inflatable when is raining heavily (while your inflatable can withstand rain, the blower is only splash proof).

6.       How can I clean my inflatable?

To clean your inflatable properly you can just use water with a bit of dish soap and a cloth. We recommend cleaning it while inflated, lying on the floor or ground so you can reach every part easily. Please be sure that your inflatable is completely dry before packing or storing it.

7.       Which material options can I choose from?

You can decide to go for the Polyester 420D (anti-scratch and ideal for complex designs to be printed on your inflatable) or the PVC (strong and resistant, ideal for outdoor/water events and for giant inflatables) material. Our project managers will always recommend you the best option according to your needs. You can also decide to make your inflatable air-sealed (option available only with the PVC material) to avoid the need to have a blower constantly working to keep it inflated.

8.       How long do I have to wait to receive my inflatable?

Our standard delivery time for our inflatables is 4-5 weeks from the start of the production. If you have a rush project, we can deliver it to you in 3-4 weeks instead for a 20% rush fee on the total price. The delivery cost for North America is always included in the inflatable price.