Inflatable Arch: something special for your next event

Whether you are organizing a bike race or a charity marathon, sponsorships are fundamental to ensure the success of your event. How can you combine the visibility of your sponsors with something useful for your event? We have the answer: a beautiful inflatable arch! Let’s begin!

What can an inflatable arch do?

An inflatable arch has a double function. First it’s a fun and impressive piece for your next event. Think about: beginning and the end of a race; starting point of a community treasure hunt; welcome a local event or tradeshow exhibition. Secondly, it is also great to be sure your sponsors logos are displayed. This is an outstanding way to make sure you can get funds by other companies and organizations interested in their logo being placed onto your inflatable arch.

Dog and Inflatable Arch
Start Line Inflatable Arch

Different sizes and materials for different needs

You can decide among our different standard arch sizes (15ft, 20ft, 25ft or 30 ft) or customize for your needs. We also offer two material options to choose from: Oxford (anti-scratch and perfect for complex designs to print on your arch) and PVC (strong and resistant and the best solution for an air-sealed arch). Provide us with all the information about your idea and event: our project managers will advise you the best according to your requirements.

Colors and creativity: free your imagination!

If you strive for originality and you are looking for something that leaves everyone speechless, we have all that it takes. Lights, beautiful designs and shimmering colors are our secret ingredients to make the best out of your project. Trust us – you won’t be disappointed!

Inflatable Arches Collage

Ready to stand out with your brand-new arch inflatable?

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