UEFA Women’s Euro Mascot Kicky Made By Promo Bears

Name: Kicky
Birthday: 6 August
Place of Birth: The Netherlands
Type of Animal: Orange Lion
Length: 5’9
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Orange-Yellow
Profession/Hobby: Mascot of the Orange team.
Characteristics: The happiest and most enthusiastic orange fan, strong as a lion, a true winner
Idol: All players of the orange women’s team

UEFA 2017 mascot Kicky by Promo Bears

Case Study
Project UEFA Women’s Euro 2017

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 was organized in the Netherlands. Especially for this event, the KNVB and UEFA contacted Promo Bears to create a stunning mascot costume for the official mascot of the Championships. We therefore had the honor to design and produce a mascot, and with that, bring Kicky to life! In addition, beautiful Kicky 2D key chains were purchased to boost the image of Kicky!

UEFA 2017 mascot Kicky by Promo Bears
UEFA 2017 mascot Kicky by Promo Bears

About The Project | The Design

After contacting us for a free quote for their mascot, UEFA and KNVB received a concept illustration of the soon-to-be Kicky. This concept illustration demonstrated how Kicky would look as a mascot costume. The designers took into consideration the comfort and sight of the person wearing the costume. After approval of the concept illustration, the mascot costume was produced and delivered. Additionally, beautiful specialized Kicky 2D keychains were designed and produced. Kicky was ready to perform and cheer on all the countries participating in the championship!

UEFA 2017 mascot Kicky by Promo Bears


7 April 2017 was the day when the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 was only 100 days away. Kicky has attended several ‘100-days moments’ where she took part in different sport activities. Kicky has made her debut during the Netherlands vs. Italy match in the Amsterdam ArenA. Kicky has cheered on all participating countries by exciting the crowd and perform as the best orange fan!

UEFA 2017 mascot Kicky by Promo Bears

Credits: Brabants Dagblad via www.bd.nl

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