Reach for the sky with a Giant Inflatable!

Visibility and people awareness of your organization are fundamental elements to make your business grow and to carve out your space in a more and more competitive market. Grabbing the attention of your target and to make it think of you when they need your product or service is a must: a giant inflatable is the solution to stand apart and to be sure people will notice you while reinforcing the idea of your brand!

The bigger the better:  ready to stand out?

The size of your inflatable plays an important role in the way you will be able to draw people attention. It also depends on the location and on the final use of your inflatable. We can make almost any height you want. Which size will you go for?

Find the Giant Inflatable that fits for you!

Our giant inflatables come in three different materials: Polyester 420D, PVC 0.45mm or PVC 0.60 mm. Looking for a silent version of your inflatable? Then think about our air-sealed option: this way, you won’t need a constantly working blower to keep the air inside of your giant inflatable, and avoid the noise of the blower. Do you want your inflatable lighting up in the darkness? We offer an internal LED System that you can control with a remote to set the light according to your preferences!

Air-Sealed Inflatable -

Use it everywhere!

Whether it’s a tunnel or a giant bottle, we will make the best out of your idea! We want to be sure you can use your inflatable in every situation. It’s your best ally to attract the attention of your target and introduce your organization to it: we want to help you to achieve the best result in your promotional activity!

Are you ready to create your giant inflatable?

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